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BEIJING, Jul 18 (FAM) – China’s Ministry of Transport unveiled on July 12 that ports in the nation processed 22,078,900 TEUs of containers in June, which surged 10.9% from a year earlier. Container throughput was so brisk that it marked double-digit improvements at both coastal and inland river ports, with the former surging 10.2% to 17,880,800 TEUs and the latter, 17% to 2,398,100 TEUs.

In the first half (January-June), total throughput was 114,638,400 TEUs, which rose 8.8%. Coastal and inland river ports both recorded all-time highs for the month under review, with the former processing 11,668,600 TEUs, up 7.8%, and the latter, 12,969,900 TEUs, up 16.8%.