BUSAN, Apr 26 (FAM) – The Port of Busan in South Korea processed 4.786 million TEUs of containers in the first quarter (January-March) of this year, which decreased 0.44% year on year, according to preliminary figures unveiled by the Busan Port Authority (BPA). Exports and imports increased 2.14% to 2.376 million TEUs in total, but transshipment (T/S) containers declined 2.87% to 2.41 million TEUs, having an adverse impact on the fall in overall container throughput.

By major trade partner, 688,000 TEUs were moved to and from Japan, which waned 1.09%. Export and import containers sank 2.37% to 316,000 TEUs. T/S cargo remained nearly unchanged, going down a minute 0.02% to 372,000 TEUs.