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SHANGHAI, Apr 18 (FAM) – Ports in China handled a total of 19.332 million TEUs of containers in March, which increased a favorable 9.8% year on year, according to an announcement made by the nation’s Ministry of Transport on April 14. Coastal ports were responsible for 17.25 million TEUs, which grew 8.9%, while the remaining 2.083 million TEUs were moved to and from inland river ports, which soared a more notable 17.9%.

In the first three months (January-March), total container throughput improved 7.2% from a year earlier to 53.71 million TEUs. In breakdown, 47.931 million TEUs were traded to and from coastal ports, which inflated 6.7%, and the balance of 5.778 million TEUs were carried to and from inland river ports, which surged 11.2%.