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CHICAGO, Apr 6 (FAM) – A mockup of the Orange Line car made by Chinese train maker CRRC Corporation made a debut to its future passengers on Monday at City Hall Plaza in Boston. It is the latest victory of the rail car builder to expand the US market.

Since the China-based rail car builder accessed to the US market in 2014, CCRC has grabbed 1,359 subway car and commuter train car orders in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The past half year witnessed 184 subway car orders in Boston and Los Angeles, as well as 45 commuter train car deals in Philadelphia.

CCRC President Liu Hualong said that the company not only expands the US market, but also boosts China-US cooperation in rail transit. The manufacturer is building a plant in Springfield of Massachusetts, once the US’ manufacturing base. The city is also where China’s earliest overseas students like Rong Hong and Tien Yow Jeme started their dreams and careers.