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TOKYO, Mar 28 (FAM) – Outbound container movement from Japan to China increased 8.4% to 807,705 tons in January, achieving year-on-year growth for the third consecutive month, according to an announcement the Japan Maritime Center (JMC) made on March 24. The total value improved 2.9% to Y442.2 billion, accomplishing the first year-on-year improvement in three months. The top three items – wood pulp, plastic and products, and machinery – all increased notably.

Meanwhile, imports from China to Japan surged 14.3% to 2,089,207 tons, which was another year-on-year inflation for the third consecutive month. In terms of value, they climbed 7.9% to \1.274 trillion, which as the first expansion in 10 months. All major commodities—but organic chemicals—swelled across the board.