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BEIJING, Mar 6 (FAM) – No country in the world has ever built so many high-speed railways in such a short period of time and pushed for high-speed rail diplomacy as China, which has attracted worldwide attention. China’s high-speed rail brands have also gained popularity.

The question is whether the country’s high-speed railway projects can be launched in Africa. Undoubtedly, high-speed railways can speed up connectivity and promote economic integration in Africa. The projects would also align with the African Union’s Agenda 2063 action plan. However, the threshold for building high-speed rails is high.

It requires massive investment and a high occupancy rate. Given that high-speed trains are driven by electrical power and power consumption shows stepped increases as speed picks up, there must be a sufficient power supply. Additionally, the economy of the host countries must be relatively developed. So far, no African country can meet these conditions. Chinese investors may face risks in launching high-speed rail projects.