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LONDON, Feb 10 (FAM) – Container Trades Statistics Ltd. (CTS) of the U.K. recently unveiled that a total of 153.706 million TEUs of containers were traded worldwide in 2016, which increased 3.74% from a year earlier to reach an all-time high.

By region, imports to Asia increased 4.59% to 60.855 million TEUs, while its exports rose 3.66% to 87.213 million TEUs. Europe imported 29.967 million TEUs, which went up 2.08%, and exported 26.277 million TEUs, up 2.11%. Containers to North America swelled 5.92% to 2.098 million TEUs, while those from the region grew 3.41% to 15.467 million TEUs. Imports to and exports from the major continents were all greater in volume than they were in 2015.