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WASHINGTON, Feb 2 (FAM) – Less than two weeks into his term, US President Donald Trump has already begun delivering on his top campaign promises, from ditching a trans-Pacific trade deal and announcing details of his planned wall on the Mexican border, to slapping a temporary ban on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

With the president’s actions also stirring a firestorm of criticism, observers of Sino-US relations are cautioning Beijing to remain “prudent” and “prepared” for butting heads with Washington in negotiations. They also suggest the world’s top two economic powers avoid a trade war for the good of both countries.

“This past week has been shocking,” Gordon H. Chang, director of Center for East Asian Studies at Stanford University, told China Daily in a written response to questions. Chang said he believes chances for a difficult and dangerous period ahead in China-US relations have increased as Trump seems to be pushing his agenda ahead aggressively without thought or deliberation.