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TOYKO, Dec 1 (FAM) – The Japan Maritime Center (JMC) recently unveiled that in September, 533,000 TEUs of containers were imported from the U.S. to 18 countries and regions in Asia, which increased 7.3% from a year earlier and enjoyed a year-on-year improvement for fourth consecutive months. Westbound container movement was steady on an accumulated scale for the first nine months (January-September) as well, which grew 4.2% to 5.007 million TEUs.

Container trade was brisk from the U.S. to major destinations across the board in September. Shipments to Japan went up 0.04% to 58,000 TEUs; to South Korea, up 7.9% to 47,000 TEUs; to Taiwan, up 7.6% to 36,000 TEUs; to China, up 1.6% to 223,000 TEUs; to Vietnam, up 52.4% to 32,000 TEUS and to India, up 6.7% to 31,000 TEUs. By region, imports to Southeast Asia and southern Asia were both greater than the corresponding month of 2015, which surged 24.6% to 101,000 TEUs and 16.9% to 44,000 TEUs, respectively.