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BEIJING, Nov 12 (FAM) – The Singles’ Day online shopping festival kicked off on Nov. 11, and the volume of express delivery resulting from the festival is estimated to be over 1 billion packages, according to China’s State Post Bureau. Technology is therefore indispensible for parcel delivery during this period.

Best Express Company has established over 160 cloud warehouses, in which transfer robots will be deployed to collect items. Additionally, 22 automatic sorting systems will be used by the company in 24 provinces and regions, uniting big data analytics, cloud computing, intelligent terminals and image processing.

JD.com, another e-commerce giant, will use drones for parcel delivery in cities including Suqian, Xi’an and Beijing. Liu Qiangdong, CEO of JD.com, said the company has been planning its routes carefully since drones have been authorized to fly in four provinces.